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Lost Generation Last Lost Technology, in-general, the post- War I technology, but particularly a group of U.Sthors who emerged through the warfare old and recognized their reputations while in the 1920s. The word comes from a comment made by Gertrude Stein to Ernest Hemingway. You are all a missing generation. Hemingway used it being an epigraph to The Sun Also Rises (1926), a story that conveys the perceptions of the difficult-drinking, quick-dwelling pair of disillusioned small expatriates in postwar Paris. The creation was lost in the impression that its values were nolonger pertinent under Pres and due to its spiritual departure from a U.Sat, basking within the earth that is postwar. Warren G. Hardings back to normalcy policy, did actually its customers to be materialistic, provincial, and emotionally barren. The word and Y, Hemingway embrace.

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Scott Fitzgerald. Dos Passos. Cummings. Archibald MacLeish. Hart Crane. And many different writers who made Paris the hub in their literary pursuits. They were never a college that is literary. Inside the 1930s, as different instructions were made in by these authors, their works lost the period’s special press. The final representative works of the era were Fitzgeralds Tender Will Be The Night (1934) and Dos Passos The Bigmoney (1936). Britannica Quizzes Britannica Lists Related Britannica Posts